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Mention to movie, we have too many to say, with the development of movie industry, large numbers of movies been uploaded onto the Internet video sharing web sites, the statistic data of video sharing time are quite staggering. Obviously from the result, Netizen’s leisure time for movie-viewing is much more than shopping and news.


As the world’s largest online video sharing web site, YouTube, only in “Life In A Day” video gallery column, 80,000 videos were submitted on YouTube from 197 countries a day. People around the world upload 24 hours of video Every Minute and watch more than 2 Billion videos every day. Amazing, eh? But it’s only YouTube, how about other kinds of video sharing sites?!

The point is that where how can I free download full length movies? As we know, the famous YouTube only supports 15min video uploading for a new user, but it’s not a big deal, many high rank YouTubers have shared convenience with you, and still, many other video sites supply you full movies, my sort-out will list some sites and instructions. Search for hot films like Shreck full movie, Toy 3 full movie, Alice in Wonderland full movie, Schindlers list full movie etc.

First of all, we need to prepare an excellent program to help download full movies for free, Full Movie Downloader – Video Sharer (To download a free version from official website - Downloader for Free).  Featured web sites about Full length movie:

google full movie

Google Video, you can find full movies from lots of video sharing sites around the world, such as YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Hulu Video, Vimeo, Veoh etc. Free full length movies at Google Video can be found simply by going to the Advanced Search and change the drop-down “Duration” menu to “longer than twenty minutes”, you can further refine your search parameters to find a particular movie you are interested in.


Dailymotion is about finding new ways to viewing, share and engage your world through the power of online video. Structured column, you can enjoy or upload – videos about your interests and hobbies, eyewitness accounts of recent news and distant places, and everything else from the strange to the spectacular. By the way, Born of Hope full movie is now released.


Youku Youku is the largest video sites in China, but in here, you can find lots of American full length films. Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies etc. What’s more, The Twilight Saga full Movie, Stet Up 3D full Movie, Salt full length, etc, are also available in Youku.

Besides, Tudou/Vimeo/Veoh/Ku6 is also a good place to free download full length movies. Full Movie Downloader - Video Sharer will help you out. Moreover, Video Sharer can also convert movie/music to many compatible formats that you can save these full length movies into your portable devices.

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