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Downloader Column: Why RealPlayer Video Download doesn’t work anymore?

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Noticed many similar questions from Internet currently: Why RealPlayer video download doesn’t work anymore? RealPlayer failed to download from various websites? Can’t download videos via RealPlayer? Why can’t I download videos from youtube with RealPlayer Downloader? I can’t download youtube videos using RealPlayer, are there any other downloading programs like the one on RealPlayer? …  Well, here I will “show off” some viewpoints and guides.


Even though RealPlayer is a decent brand, but it do got many criticisms from year1999 till now.  Whatever, I thiNK we should know how does the RealPlayer downloader works.

1. You should have the RealPlayer installed and make sure you have “download this video” option enabled.
2. Now, when you watch any online videos and if you move the mouse over the video, you will see a button over the video “download this video”. Click the button and it saves the video in your download library.
3. You can view all downloads from Downloads & Recordings under My Library. Also you can view the source URL of all the downloaded videos. Definitely, as a Video Downloader, RealPlayer is so much easier to use, a lot less steps. But here comes the limitation: Why RealPlayer Downloader does work anymore?

The outstanding problem should be the browsers of your computer. Usually known that RealPlayer works in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Lunascape. Obviously example: Realplayer Downloader doesn’t work in Google Chrome browser: “Symptom” is that the RealPlayer download button is gone in Chrome browser. Also, Operating System and web site code incompatible(YouTube Downloader also met this problem many times.) problem are other key reasons, they might directly or indirectly lead to the failed work.


Some featured viewpoints: 
– I like Chrome so much better when I’m doing online karaoke. The site actually suggests Chrome or Firefox and say that IE will not work well. Here’s my problem.This has happened to me several times.I have already checked in my preferences in Realplayer that I want to be able to download in all installed browsers and then I list them, IE, Chrome and Firefox.Then I can download in all three browsers. All of a sudden Chrome will stop working. So, I am able to download for months and then no matter what I do, I can’t get it to work again and have to go back to the other browsers just to download even though I like to use Chrome for recording. It’s so annoying! There are so many months in between the problem that I can’t  even remember what I do to get it to work again. I think the last time it just started working about on it’s own after a few weeks. It stopped working again just now. I have cleared all my history etc. (6/30/2010)

– No longer can use RealPlayer for browsers reason. However, that last one has me stumped too. Just trying to think about it, I’m wondering if Google Chrome made any changes that were incompatible with RealPlayer. It seems that the last version of Google Chrome has some troubles with some sites. Now, not only have I moved up to a 64 bit system which RealPlayer doesn’t work in, but I have also dumped Windows all together and went to Ubuntu as my operating system, so now I can’t use any Windows software. (7/1/2010)

– I have exactly the same problem. Suddenly the download button disappeared and reinstall real and chrome does not help. I had the old chrome version, 4.1, and the real player download this button worked, but since I upgraded google chrome to the 5.0 version, it does not work. The problem is in the updated chrome version, somehow the developers did not think to have the realplayer button work in the updated version. If you want the real player button you would have to roll back to the 4.1 version of chrome. (5/12/2010)

– I noticed the same thing happening. I’m on an iMac and found I was able to use the downloader with Safari 4.0.5. I think this will take a fix from the RealPlayer side. I doubt that Mozilla will bother with the RealPlayer downloader. In the meantime, try other browsers for downloads. (5/14/2010)


For some people, they updated the RealPlayer and solved the problem, but seldom. Well, it’s hard to explain something more about RealPlayer. I think it is just a matter of making a compatible plugin. It is a chicken and egg situation. RealPlayer may not do it until enough people use that browser. But, more people would use that browser if they had it.

Acturally, google wikipedia, and you’ll find some criticism about RealPlayer, i think it’s more convincing. Moreover, personally speaking, I thiNK RealPlayer isn’t powerful enough in video/audio conversion. Well, there are a lot of downloaders out there that you can also use. Some for free and some for purchase. I’m not sure what might be the best, but in addition to RealPlayer’s downloading ability, there are also many great download managers out there too, many for videos also.

Compare with some third party software, you’ll not worry about the browser unsupported problem or video website code incompatible problem, and they will efficiently upgrade the program by user’s feedback, the advantage is that they are not the famouse brand and more likely be upgraded directly and quickly. Moreover, for downloading function, most of them are for free. I thiNK we can depend on its client service to judge a third party software. Well, whatever, however, whether you are looking for a downloader, editor or converter, try it, trust your feeling!

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